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When You Feel Like You Have To Fix It All...NOW

Overwhelmed. Tired. Sinking. 

These are the feelings that creep in and make us feel like we're failing at it all.


It usually starts with one small task or responsibility being put to the back
burner...and then...well, it's like a domino effect.

Life feels as though it's unraveling. You start to panic.

You think: I gotta get it together, and NOW! 

Right. Flippin. Now.

Sound familiar?

Maybe not? Perhaps you're super-awesome, responsible, perfect, and always stay on top of things.
If this is you, please give me your tips!

But if you're like me, and often find yourself scrambling, trying to get it together, then please read on... I have some insight 💗

Here is a little (true) story to illustrate...

Life is smooth sailing for a week or two, I feel that I'm juggling well.
Then BAM!  I get the smack down!  Maybe I get behind on the laundry.
Or, I'm busy working, and we don't do school for a few days (or weeks).
Or perhaps it's something as simp…

Buy Yourself Some Time: 2 Super Simple Sensory Activities For Your Preschooler

I have a 4 year old. We call her "The Bean" She's a beautiful little blonde headed, blue-eyed spitfire. Full of sass and energy. She can go from happy to total meltdown in about 5 seconds...and when I fail to keep her busy, her frustration with her 4 year old life, is very apparent. 😏

I love to spend time with her... reading, playing in her dollhouse, tossing a ball, and all that good stuff...but I can't give her every second of my time because well-- she has 3 other siblings, and Mom  needs do other things throughout the day. With 4 kiddos that I home school, working from home, and running a household, I just simply cannot entertain her all the time!

Sure, I could stick her in front of the TV, a tablet, my phone...some kind of device, (Click to read about what happened when I took screen time away) and I do from time to time. But those things aren't fueling her imagination, creativity, or her brain. I could also do the obvious things such as sending her outsid…

Our Flexible "Routine" How I Juggle Working From Home, Homeschool, & Life

As homeschoolers, we enjoy the perks of being able to choose what we do, and when we do it.
If a fun opportunity comes up, and we don't do school that day...It's okay! If something throws me off track, and I need to handle it-- I do. If we decide to take a spontaneous vacation or lake day in the middle of the week, we can!  It's beautiful!

But this isn't how it has always been for us...

When we first started homeschooling, I struggled to find a rhythm. I was constantly reading blogs about homeschooling, and how others scheduled their time. I thought I needed a routine to stick to...and that all of our time should fit neatly into each day. I (desperately) tried to match how others were doing things, so that we could be "successful."  I was trying to make homeschool, like public school. It was the only idea I had of how to teach my children so that they could learn.
I can't tell you how many schedules I wrote out, typed out, and scribbled on marker boards.…

What Happened When I Took Away Screen Time

As I walked from my kids disgusting bedrooms ...into the messy living room... I became discouraged. I marched onward...into the kitchen ..flipping lights as I went.
I glanced at the dishes piled up. I felt the sticky on the floor. 
I just cleaned all of  this, I thought to myself.

I just freakin had this entire house clean 3 hours ago.   

I started to feel the angst bursting out from my inside my emotions were threatening to get the better of me. I clenched my teeth. The roaring sound in my ears know that sound you hear when you're trying really hard not to cry. Crashing waves from inside my head. It had already been a rough week, and I was trying really hard to keep it together. 

Don't cry. Don't you flippin cry!!! I told myself. 

You did good today. Think of all you did... but it's never enough the other voice says. You can't seem to get it together. What's the problem... this isn't that hard.

There really are voices in our heads... get q…

Hey...Let's Catch Up

Hey guys....
I know I've been somewhat absent lately, and so, I want to take some time to catch up!
Before I get into it all though, I want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog... When I first started Crazies & Daisies, I did it as a hobby and for an outlet... I never saw it going anywhere and put off starting it for years because of the fear of judgement...and failure...and more judgement 
Once it took off though, I started letting you guys in more and more, and you kept on reading. Y'all are my inspiration, and my motivation to keep writing. 
So Thank You!
Now for the catching up... this is gonna be deep... I don't do shallow, I suck at sugar coating stuff, and most of all, I feel it is almost a calling of mine-- to be real with people. To let them in on my messy, unfiltered, unedited life.
So here goes...
Life has been full of highs and lows for the past several months. One big change that took place back in the fall, is that I moved from Texas( where I&#…

Finding Happiness

While I was driving home yesterday, I was praying in my head...thanking God for my blessings, and praying for strength--and I realized, that I am happy. 
Truly happy.

Although happiness is fleeting for me's more real than ever. Do you know what I mean? For years, I was only happy on the surface. I would tell myself I was happy, and I'm a positive person, but I didn't feel it deep down. I felt stuck, trapped. Like I was moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other, but nothing ever changed. I was going nowhere. 
Now, my life has dramatically changed in the course of three months. It isn't a lot of people's version of "normal." It's not what my normal used to be either...but I've never been one to fit in a box.  There are days when I'm sad. When I feel like a failure. When I lock myself in the bathroom and cry. But there are also days when I'm beaming with happiness that no one can shatter. I now see the beauty through …

Love & War

I wish I had something simple to say. A blog post about a DIY project, or a funny story about my kids...
Sometimes, I wish I was more shallow, less feel-y, and didn't have the overwhelming need to express myself.

But then again, I don't wish that. Because that's not me. I'm outspoken to a fault. Not about what you do with your life, but about my own. My soul just has the need to share.

I'm starting a new chapter...

My marriage has ended. Love hurts.

Happy times are beautiful, and wonderful. But it's the hard times that build character, that mold and shape you...the low blows, the scary twists, and the uncertainty. It's in those times of chaos and falling apart, that I have found myself.

I don't have any regrets.
I was meant to learn these lessons.
I've been a quitter. I have done and said things that I'm not proud of. I've been the abused, and the abuser. There were times I was so lost, and I didn't even know who I was.
There were momen…