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Homeschool 🍏

Homeschool Encouragement and Resources

People are becoming more and more interested in the idea of schooling their kids from home, and I want to be an encourage-er in that!

So, if you need advice or support or want to express all your worries, reach out to me!  I have been right where you are.

I know it's scary at first and seems like it's going to be a lot, but it can truly be as much or as little as you make it.

The first order of action:  Research homeschool laws, in your state.

A great place to start is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, or HSLDA.  
Click this link to go there now.

The site has state-by-state information, that will tell you what is required of you and the steps you will need to take in your state in order to homeschool legally, as well as other resources and encouragement.

Next Stop...

The library!

Our library where we live now, is huge and awesome...but even when we lived in a very small town with a very small library,  it was a wonderful, invaluable resource. 

The library has saved me many times when I didn't want to spend the money on expensive curriculum that I wasn't even sure we'd like. 

I also highly recommend checking out audio books!  My kids enjoy "The Magic Treehouse" audio books, as well as "Hank the Cow Dog."
Kids will really absorb read alouds, whether it's you reading to them, or someone on the audio book. :)  
Something that I like to do before lunch most days, is turn on an audio book, give them paper, pencils, markers, etc. and let them draw and doodle while listening. I can get some stuff done around the house, and they get a moment to quiet their minds, while busying their hands. 
"The Magic Treehouse" books have tons of history and social studies in them (the kids won't even notice they're learning), so this is a great way to keep the kids engaged, if you're busy with other things.  

Another great resource is!

On this site, you can get tons of free worksheets for preschool-6th, as well as printable books, and other activities.
You can choose to browse by subject or grade.
Everything from the alphabet to foreign languages is offered.

This is also where I usually turn for holiday worksheets as well! 

Pinterest is like a jungle to me!  And so often, I click to get the worksheet, and I can't.  I either have to pay for it, or the "page is broken."  

So I usually head to tlsbooks first, to see if they have what I'm looking for.  

Free Homeschool is also a great website for homeschooling families.

The site keeps up-to-date with freebies, discount codes, and savings on curriculum and supplies.     The site can be a bit overwhelming because there is just SO MUCH great stuff on there, but there is a new tab you can click to get a simple idea of how to find what you want on the site. 

Definitely check Free Homeschool Deals out before you buy curriculum or homeschool items, because there is probably a discount code, or maybe even a freebie out there!

And finally, my biggest favorite of them all....The Dollar Tree!

The dollar tree is an awesome place! 
Workbooks, decorations, supplies, charts, certificates, and even manipulatives can be found at the Dollar Tree!
We visit at least once a month! 
I definitely recommend stocking up on the $1 workbooks.  The pages are very quality, and at only $1 each, you can stock up on several!
My kids really enjoy the "Read, Write, Draw" workbooks, as well as the science and handwriting ones.
I have never bought a workbook from the dollar tree that I wasn't completely satisfied with.  

I don't recommend spending a lot of money on curriculum at first... 
Even if you have an older child, the library and internet can provide you with a lot of free resources.

Take some time and  get really familiar what his or her interests are, and how they enjoy learning.
Within 3-6 months or so, you will have a better idea of what will and won't work for you and your child, and what type of materials your child learns best from. From this point, it's much clearer to decipher between what you actually need to purchase, and what would be a waste of money.

Instead of a Science curriculum, maybe you will realize that the money would better be spent on a chemistry set/supplies...beakers and cylinders and such. 
Instead of a Language Arts curriculum,  maybe you see that you can practice L.A. with her without a curriculum at this point, and a laptop would actually be a smarter choice, so she can research and type and actually put Language Arts in writing to use. 

  Just don't worry yourself too much, and take peace in the fact that your kid is learning all the time, with or without bookwork and worksheets...I promise! 

Even if he's in front of the TV all day!   What he's watching would determine the quality of learning, but he's still learning. 
Make sure your children have access to nature, books, art supplies, paper, magazines, etc. and encourage  them, and I PROMISE, they will learn. 

Please reach out to me in the comments, or by email if you need some encouragement.  I love making new friends.   :)




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