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Women's March: How I Feel About It

Hey, I know you're passionate about women's rights and the reasons why you marched.
Women's March: How I feel about it

I know you think that I (and women like me)don't understand the seriousness of the cause.  I know that you believe in your heart and your mind, that someone must do this work.  Someone must stand up and fight.  Someone must.  And that someone, turned out to be over two-million women, coming together on January 21st, for the biggest protest in history.

That's pretty amazing.  I've seen a lot of women say #allwomenshouldhavemarched

But let me explain.  I feel just as passionate and sure about my reasons, as you do yours.
The Women's March may have came together as a way to unite women and rally for our rights, but the only accomplishment that has came from it, is a line between women like you and women like me, being drawn.  You have successfully separated yourselves. Divided us, as women. 

You should have called it something else, maybe?

But it's pretty obvious that you do not represent the majority of the women of the United States, or the women of the world.

Here's my #1 reason for not wanting to be associated with your march and your #1 right  (according to media) that you feel has been violated.

BABIES, Reproductive healthcare, what ever you please to call it, but we both know what it comes down to. 

It's all about our right to choose.  We can't help it that we were created to be the one who was knocked up.  That's not fair, is it.

I love kids.  I have 4.  One is adopted.  I'd like to adopt more. I'd like to foster parent.  I'd like to love all the unwanted babies and kids in the world. Saying it, and actually doing it, is another thing, but it's a thought that never leaves my mind.

I understand that the world is overpopulated. I understand that young girls and women make mistakes.

I understand that the government helps pay for the prevention of these mistakes, but if it's your body and it's your right, why do you think our government is responsible for paying?

I was one of those young teenage girls.  I went to planned parenthood when I was sixteen, and they got me all fixed up for free, and didn't tell my parents. 

That really pisses me off now.

I was planning to talk to my mom about the fact that I was having sex with my boyfriend, but then my friend told me all about planned parenthood. 

We made a plan.  We skipped school on a Monday morning and went. 

The office was dirty.  The nurse not gentle.  And when I left, I felt like a $2 whore. 

For not telling my mom.  For being so obsessed with having sex.  For skipping school, and the government office being okay with that, and also, in my mind, making it okay for me to have sex, with whoever I wanted, as long as I used protection.  They gave me brochures, and pamphlets. Condoms and lube, and 3 months worth of birth control.  And they were fine with it.  I didn't need permission from my parents...or anyone else, it was my body.

I did get pregnant though. Irresponsible teen girls aren't good at remembering to take their birth control.
I was overjoyed. My (now) husband, the daddy, was a mixture of scared shitless and scared straight.  We both had a lot of growing up to do, but I was ready.   I love kids, remember.  Even though I was just a kid myself....I made one, and now I had to step up to the plate. 

I know not all women feel that they should have to. I know not all women want children, and there are women that don't have a man that will stand beside them, and help support and raise that child.

But here's some American girl truth for you--
you did it-- you were irresponsible with your body, and it isn't the government's job to end that responsibility for you. 

Now, I understand that horrible things happen.  Women are raped, and they don't want the child.  That's where things get complicated and I have a lot of empathy.  I can say, that I don't know the completely right answer, but adoption is always a choice.

But there's so many children sitting in foster care and orphanages you say?  You're right.  But there are not programs in place for adoption, and foster care, quite like there is planned parenthood.  If you want to adopt, get ready to be made to feel like a criminal. They check everything.  They come to your house and ask your kids weird questions.  They check to make sure everything is up to their standards, and that the child will be in good hands. 

There is much more of a process there, and a whole lot less resources.  If only abortion money (don't say planned parenthood doesn't cover this, we all know it does) could go into helping establishing foundations for more affordable adoptions. 

Adopting a child, or fostering one, is much more invasive, stressful, time consuming, financially draining, and emotionally trying-- than aborting one.  I'll give you that. But I think you're weak for taking the low road.  I think you're selfish and entitled.  I think you could stand to learn a lesson in judgement and morals. 

But you march to kill your unborn. 

March because the system is flawed, protest for those kids who need a home right here in the US, march to raise awareness that we need to do something different....but don't claim to march for my rights.

What about those kid's rights, who were born to women who didn't care about them or where they ended up?

Their rights to happiness and a family who loves them doesn't matter to you I suppose, they should have never been born, then they wouldn't have to know the suffering, right. 

See the error in your march?  I can see some of the pros, but are you so close minded that you don't understand why we're so mad? 

Now, onto my next point, so that you know that I understand and have "educated" myself.
Yes this is going to be long. 

We're taxed on tampons and feminine hygiene products, planned parenthood helps women in more areas than with abortion, provides "preventivtive care"  and to lose it would be a tragedy.  But the truth is, if you aren't a girl, or woman, who is sexually active-- Planned Parenthood has nothing to offer you. 

Are we really that obsessed with sex?
And is it truly someone else's responsibility?

Do you know how rich --and downright dirty--  pharma is?  Do you know how many other things and topics you could have protested about?   So many more noble convictions to have stood up for.

Some of women who spoke at the women's march, are sex icons.  Of their own doing. Because they wanted to be.  They chose to be extreme and use their body to gain attention.

You women say that Donald Trump is demeaning, vulgar, perverted, and derogatory towards females.  Yeah, I agree. I don't really like the old man myself.

But you sure as shit aren't respecting women either.

You aren't raising awareness for the fair treatment of all people's rights.  You are demanding respect when you give none. 

You are a contradiction, which most of us are-- but  don't claim that men are so nasty and distasteful, while marching naked with a giant vag on your face. 

Which side of the fence are you on?  Or do you think that because you are a woman, you can play on which ever side you please,  and then cry "WOMEN'S RIGHTS!" and think it justifies your distastefulness. 

I know that many women marched in peace and dignity.  But the women we see in the media, which is where you knew you'd gain all your attention, didn't. And sadly, since you claim to be in the same mindset as them, you are judged, based on their actions.  All of us are, and that's why women like me, are pissed.

As for the fair wages argument...

yeah that sucks.  It's not fair.  I feel that women are just as capable as men, and should be paid accordingly.  That sucks.  But we have came a long way since back in the day, and it doesn't appear we're slowing down.

We work. We raise families. We own businesses. Women do, and accomplish more than ever.
We have proved ourselves in classy ways.
And we will continue to.
We didn't need that trashy march.

And it sucks about gay rights.

But the thing is, is that soon, everything everyone wants, will be legal if we keep heading down this road.  And then how will you women feel? 

Some people want to be allowed to do drugs (talking about drugs, not pot) and not face the consequences.  Their body. Their health.  Their choice? 

Maybe the nudists are tired of having to put on clothes. Perhaps the children of the United States want a say in whether or not they attend traditional public school.

You get my point?

 Gays can still be gay.  They can still walk down the street holding hands.  No one is going to put them behind bars. It is not illegal to be gay.
Gays ARE accepted these days.  So if gay marriage rights end, just chill out.  It's not a tragedy.  You can still be gay, after all, no one can take your identity away, right? You were born that way.

See, I understand that there are reasons to why you marched.  I just don't think they are good reasons.  Or that there is any "cause" to be marched for.

Living here, being free, having clean water and access to healthcare, the right to work and own a home, to educate yourself---that's not enough.  It doesn't cover enough.  You want more. more, more. 

As for the wall... and illegals being sent back to where they came from....

There aren't enough decent paying jobs for men who don't have college degrees, the working class. 
I don't think my husband, or dad, or my brother is better than a Mexican man, or an illegal.
But a Mexican will do the same work for much less, because he is here illegally.

Work is taken from working class American men.  The good ole boys, that I'm sure all you women hate.  But they are the guys keeping food on the tables, for their families, no different than the Mexican man who is here illegally.

Is a Mexican man better, or is his family more important?

I know people who are here illegally.  I like them.   I don't think they're bad people or have any less right to live here than I do.  But if I were to want to go live in their country, I would have to do it legally. 

About the Syrians and other races that have came to our country seeking refuge... 

I feel for you. I'm so sorry for the way you have to live.  It's not right.  And I am not better than you, I was just privileged and blessed that my soul ended up in a white American girl's body.  It doesn't seem fair, even to me.  I am no better than you.  I don't deserve better than you.

I know that your situations are so bad that I couldn't even imagine.  Your normal would be a horrendous nightmare to me. But the sad part is, that the people who have treated you so bad, sneak into our country with you-- and then none of us are safe.  I don't know the right answer to all this.  I do think something should be done.  I know you need help.  More than just a march. And I'm sorry and it's sad that any woman in the US would ever speak of injustice or not having rights, knowing your reality.  They don't represent me.  And they don't represent you.  They rep themselves, and their self claimed "injustices." They do not know true injustice.

 I know that women and children (boys and girls) in other countries ARE discriminated against. Their bodies are sold and their souls and identities are taken away at such young ages that they don't even know there is another way life can be. 

 I know that they are treated as objects.  Not even as animals, but as mere tools to be used.  And they grow up, and that is their normal, and these poor souls, will more often than not, become products of how they were treated.  The abused becomes the abuser, and the cycle continues.

And that makes me sick.  It makes me want to scream and cry.  

I would march for this injustice.  I'd go marching down the streets in their far away land, if I could get there.  I'd risk getting my head blown off, because I can promise you they don't allow protests like The Women's March in Syria,  but I'd come packing heat too,  and I wouldn't think twice about taking one of those sick bastards out. I would kill for those women and children's rights.

I would be part of that march, if there were one.  I would be a part of that FIGHT that is for a CAUSE.

But this march, as one chick said is #notmymarch.

I hope that you understand now, that I understand why you marched.
I still think the march is/was an embarrassment.  I think that you have failed to use common sense, and see just how petty and self entitled, and wrong you are. 

You fail to see the real problems in our society and culture.  You, "The Resistance"  are part of the biggest problem.

I'm thankful that my sisters back in the day fought for me to be able to vote, to work, to be recognized as more than a homemaker.  But I am still a woman.  And I'm proud this body can bear babies, and I'm proud that I have qualities that separate me from a man.

This is my voice.

I am pro-life.

I am for the human rights of every human in this world, alive and unborn.

I'm not sure how I feel about gay rights.

I don't like Trump, but I think he's what we need right now.

I deeply feel for the real oppressed people of this world, and wish there was more I could do.

I wish everyone could live in a nation as great as mine.

And...the women's march, isn't my march.

Peace and love

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I've had my blog up for nearly 2 years now... I don't post to it regularly, but all that's about to change.  I have countless blogs, saved as drafts.  I don't publish them because they're taboo topics...I don't get totally real with my audience, and let people in on who really am. 

Mostly because I have four kids that are my whole world and I don't want to be judged as a mother. But that's not all I am.  If you are a perfect mom or person, who has never made a bad choice, who does things by the book, that doesn't have a sketchy past, then that's great.  I'm happy for you.  As for me though, I'm a mess.  I'm all over the place. I screw up all the time, but I strive hard. I fall hard, but I always get back up and most of the time, I try harder. Other times, I stay stuck for a while, until something snaps me out of it.  I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but I've been trying to be for a long time.  Now though, I'm on a find my tribe.  People who think and feel like me.  People who don't, but are open minded enough to have a deep conversation. I'm looking for the free spirits...the hippies....the dreamers....the doers.  The broken and beautifully flawed people.  I'm looking for you.

Allow me to introduce myself....

My name is Laurel and I'm 30 years old.  I have 4 kids. I have a husband. I have a dog and 2 cats.  I live in a brick house, in a little neighborhood,  and drive a Ford truck.  I have parents and one brother, and 2 step-sisters. I have been married for 13 years.  I'm from Arkansas, but I live in Texas now. My poop stinks and my pee is yellow-ish. I don't know what my natural hair color is, but I'm trying hard to figure out.

I smoke cigarettes. I cuss. I love Jesus and feel guilty for the bad stuff I do. I feel ashamed about it...and pretend it's not who I am. I keep to myself mostly...I live on the inside.  I've made it nice and comfy there. I feel safer that way.  I'm good at caring for others.  I like studying psychology and how our minds work.  I like being enlightened.  I feel bad for criminals and bad people. My feelings often contradict.  I'm super good at making excuses, that make sense. I like a cold beer every now and then. I think marijuana should be legalized both medically and recreationally, everywhere....I'm a fan.

I don't like the government, but I love my country. I think vaccinations weaken the immune system, and cause long term illnesses and auto-immune diseases that come up later in life. I think the key to health is the mind, a healthy diet, and sanitation.
I homeschool my kids because I think public school is a waste of time, self-esteem, brilliance, and growing up.  I don't like the little boxes they put our children in and I think all kids are gifted and talented if we only took the time to see and foster their strengths.

There is more to me than just the surface. There is a lot more than I share.  I keep who I really am, and what I really think and feel, to myself,  for fear of someone judging me or disagreeing and telling me what a horrible, mixed-up  person I am.  I don't care anymore though, not enough to not speak what's on my mind. 

From here on out, I'm going to be open and real.  If God gave me this desire and gift to write, He meant for me to use it.  He means for me to share my voice, share my flaws, my struggles....not just me-- on the surface. 

I can't reach out to anyone, be relatable, or have a voice if I only paint a picture and write about  crafts and funny mom moments. If I only share the shallow, watered down version of myself, no one will ever know the chaos and brilliance going on in my mind.

So this is me.  Take it or leave it.   Judge me. Relate to me. Whatever you do, just do it and be you...because from here on out, I'm just gonna be me.

I hope to get to know you better, if you're reading this and nodding your head.  Even if you're nodding in disgust...I want to know you too.  Maybe you can let me in on how you're so perfect, or maybe you need to know how far off I am, to make you see you're not so bad. 

Either way is okay.  We're all just trying to make it.


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